Classroom Resources

Sample Syllabi with Topic Sequences
- MATH 081 (Pre-Algebra) and MATH 082 (Introductory Algebra)
- MATH 083 (Intermediate Algebra) and MATH 163 (College Algebra)

Open Source Textbooks for Supplementation
- Pre-Algebra Textbook Created by CCBC Faculty Members
- Intermediate Algebra Textbook Originally Created by CK-12 Organization

Lab Activities & Projects
- Linear Functions
- Quadratic Functions
- Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
- Rational Equations
- Compounding Interest

Accelerated Mathematics Program

at the Community College of Baltimore County

Contact us: Jesse Kiefner, AMP Director, (443) 840-3737
Danielle Truszkowski, AMP Assistant Director, (443) 840-1528