Introduction to the Program

The Accelerated Mathematics Program (AMP) was launched at The Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) in Fall 2010 in attempt to increase success of students placed in developmental mathematics courses. Development of AMP began after the college experienced success in its Accelerated Learning Program, a model that allows students to complete a developmental and credit English course within one semester. The AMP model takes two sequential mathematics courses and combined them into one larger course. The following sequential courses have been merged to create a combined course:

- MATH 081 (Pre-Algebra) and MATH 082 (Introductory Algebra)
- MATH 082 (Introductory Algebra) and MATH 083 (Intermediate Algebra)
- MATH 083 (Intermediate Algebra) and MATH 135 (Applied Algebra & Trigonometry)
- MATH 083 (Intermediate Algebra) and MATH 163 (College Algebra)

Each traditional course above is three credits, so the combined course pairs are a six credit commitment. Each course pair is taught by one instructor and students must enroll in both sections. To register for and AMP course, the student must be eligible to enroll in the lower level course. The AMP course pair has a maximum capacity of 23 students.

Course Scheduling
The course pairs are scheduled in consecutive time periods, typically resulting in a Monday/Wednesday/ Friday course meeting two hours per day or a Tuesday/ Thursday course meeting three hours per day. Both day and evening sections are offered.

Content Delivery
Instructors are provided topic sequences to follow in the AMP model. The topics are integrated using a dovetail approach, meaning the course is taught from the perspective of the upper level course and review topics from the lower level course are integrated when needed.

Course Materials
Students pay for a six credit course but save money since they are only required to purchase the upper level course textbook. The instructor uses open source materials, provided by CCBC, to supplement material from the lower level course.

Although the course is taught from the perspective of one large mathematics course, the instructor keeps grading for each course separate so that success is not all or nothing. Therefore, it is possible for a student to pass the lower level course but fail the upper level course. In this scenario, the student would enroll for the upper level course the following semester.

Faculty Training
To teach an AMP course, faculty members must participate in a blended (online and face-to-face) training model. The training model highlights success of AMP, topic sequences, in-class activities, and technology training. Both full time and adjunct faculty members participate in training and teaching AMP course pairs.

Faculty Compensation
Faculty members teaching an AMP course pair are paid for six credits. Once a faculty member has taught under the AMP model, it is usually preferred since the faculty member is guaranteed a six credit pair in consecutive time periods and only one group of students must be managed.

Accelerated Mathematics Program

at the Community College of Baltimore County

Contact us: Jesse Kiefner, AMP Director, (443) 840-3737
Danielle Truszkowski, AMP Assistant Director, (443) 840-1528